One Accord
Handout for November 20, 2005
"Hearing All the Way Through"


Summary for Initial Stages (Gideon) Ė Progression of Hearing

    1. Crying out to God in loss and trouble which we cannot resolve;
    2. Listening through the fear, lack of trust to act in obedience;
    3. Being honest with the Lord, so He can inform and change our heart;
    4. Needing a lot of confirmation--signs, fleeces;
    5. Keep going; though very afraid and uncertain, go;
    6. Discovery that He will do what He says, and that it does not depend on us, except that we continue, learning that He works the outcome by unexpected means, not by anything we could figure out.
    7. Learning this by experience. We have to walk all the way through to see the outcome.

Summary for Mature Stages (Peter) Ė Progression of Hearing

    1. Make ourselves available to God, no matter how we feel or what other bodily appetite or need comes up.
    2. Set our mind and its limitations asideóagree to let God work something past our understanding.
    3. When it happens, and our first response is "Not so, Lord", donít leave, donít stop listening.
    4. When we are thoroughly nonplussed, is the most important time to stay with itóthe Spirit of God will give direction and make clear what He is revealing.
    5. Donít doubt the direction we receiveódo it, even though we do not understand.
    6. When God opens a door, preach what He gives us to preach.
    7. When God takes up the word and begins to move, get out of the way, move into the next steps with Him (acceptance of people we have been separated from, baptism, the whole gospel).
    8. When it comes time to tell the larger church the new thing the Lord has done, stick to witnessing to our experience of God and what He worked. Let it speak for itself. Let Him take it up, convict hearts.



Kingdom of Priests

Session 8: Hearing all the Way Through

In Class Exercise


Lord, is there something in my life Iím in the midst of hearing all the way through?





In what stage of hearing am I, Lord?





Where did we leave off?





Is there something over which I need to displace my mind so my soul can hear past the conscious circumstances? Is there some confirmation I need in order to proceed?





What is the next step?




Agreement Prayer:



Kingdom of Priests

Session 8: Hearing all the Way Through

Take home exercise


Lord, is this how You see me--a person that could/does listen all the way through to great outcomes?




How do I see myself in this regard?




Lord, is there something I am believing that keeps me from continuing to hear?




Is there something I am not believing that keeps me from continuing?




I hold these things up to You, Lord, and I ask You to change, and/or reconcile my heart.




Agreement Prayer: