Connecting Hearts to God
One Accord Handout
February 26, 2006

One Accord
February 26, 2006

I really do just want to hear and be about what You want to do at that meeting.

I want each person to see Me, to experience Me being alongside. I want each of My children to know that life is something we do together. I am alongside whether you are aware of it or not, but I would open your awareness to My reality, so you can resort to and enjoy your permanent and unchangeable refuge, which is at hand in all things, and know that the kingdom is indeed at hand. It has drawn near to you.

The most important thing to Me is fellowship with Me. I receive all the offerings of what you do for Me, but I want you with Me, and I want to be with you.

My words go out and fall upon you, they come right up to your feelings of unworthiness, and gently press against your discomfort with being seen and known deeply. It is a feeling of being exposed and found out, terrifying to My children. But My words are meant to bring acceptance and forgiveness, grace and reuniting.

Push past the great discomfort in your heart, like the woman who made her way through the crowd, overcoming the anxiety and drawing close enough to touch My garment, even though she feared she would be reprimanded. You will discover that My heart is extended to you, and that My first word is one of recognition: son, daughter. To see My heart toward you will comfort and restore your heart; it will transform the way you see life.

As the presence of My Spirit settles upon You, let yourself rest with Me here. It is your true and constant home, kept and maintained by the power of My love. Rest here, child. The refreshing that happens in My presence is much more complete than any work of adjustment you can do to yourself. Seek to know Me, be with Me, and the light of My presence will extend to all the places that trouble you. I have vital, life-giving exchanges for all of them—line upon line we will clear and replace them. Do not fret; do not be afraid. It IS My heart toward you and that will never change. Nothing on earth has the power to change My heart toward you. I am not moved; I am not deceived or deceivable; even your worst choices do not impact My love for you; even your turning away, even your unbelief—nothing alters My intent to restore you to My side.

Stay for a while in these words, let them soak into your heart and breath life into the scattered and weary places. I would have every part of your heart know that I come to save. I am your Savior, and I come to save!


Copyright 2006
Suzan Jerome