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Proverbs 4:23   Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

Proverbs 27:19   As in water face reflects face, So a man's heart reveals the man.

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About Connecting Hearts to God

The Scripture says that the condition of our heart (intellect, emotion, will) impacts everything we do and say. It’s a short step to say that the combined condition of individual hearts impacts the world. Therefore, we desperately need to let God heal our whole heart and unite it with His. That is the first foundational premise. The second is that in order to let the Lord heal and restore our hearts, we need to hear Him. We must be able to have an interactive relationship with Him to reconcile our hearts to His, and being so reconciled is the greatest blessing in life.

About Connecting Hearts to God These two foundational areas are the heart of this ministry. First there is the work of getting the kind of connection with the Lord that opens the door to healing and restoration of heart. Then we grow in receiving His exchanges, letting Him free and renew our heart, and empower us for His purposes We think of this website partly as a Nourishment Center for pursuing these two foundational areas of our walk with the Lord. We invite you to browse through, print, send, share whatever you like, or the Lord prompts. Something I have noticed in over 25 years of ministry is the sizeable gap for most believers between what they “know about” God and what they experience of Him personally. People often say to me: “I ‘know’ all these things—that God loves me, He is present, that He is my Comforter, but I don’t actually experience them. Why is that?”

Unless that question is answered, the conclusion that remains is: God must not want to be close to me. He values and joins and speaks to others, but not to me. Of course this is a devastating (and untrue) conclusion, but it is prevalent in the body of Christ.

“Well, if I am asking for more closeness and want to hear from God and it doesn’t happen, what else can I conclude?” There is an alternative conclusion. It is that something is blocking my awareness of His love, presence, comfort, and words of direction and calling. What is it; what is the nature of it; and how can it be removed? Once those questions begin to be addressed and worked through, things can change.

People ask: “How can there be obstacles and me not be aware of them?” Here is a simple answer to that question: In virtually all of us there is a marked difference between what we know and what we feel/believe deep in our hearts. Let me give you an example of what I mean. I was praying with a young woman who was asking all these questions. I suggested that we invite the Lord to join her, and that she do what she could to stop trying to make it happen. That suggestion ignited some anxiety, but she agreed to let me pray in that way. As I began to invite the Lord to make His presence known, she looked up at me and asked: “He’s not going to yell at me, is He?”

That was the real obstacle, not His unwillingness to be with her! Was she aware that at some level she was very fearful of Lord yelling at her? No, but she had a parent who did yell at her regularly, and it set in place that expectation of authority. So, while her mind was willing and calling on God for closeness, her heart was very afraid of being yelled at and was maintaining a safe distance. It was her own safe distance that caused her to conclude God was not responding.

That is why we focus on connecting our “heart” to God. It is easier for us to get our minds united with the Lord than to find out if our heart is also in agreement. It was very surprising to her to discover that fear in her heart. The life experiences that formed those emotional expectations are quite understandable, once we can see them. Then the work is to get the type of authority God exercises to replace the type of authority people have exercised. She was actually relieved to know that the barrier was on her side and could be removed—much more hopeful than the belief that God didn’t want to talk to her. That example gives you a clear sense of what happens, but it does not identify what the specific barrier is in you. Until your barrier is revealed, we have only knowledge of an interesting principle. Read on and listen on through the site, asking the Lord to show you what kind of barrier has been knit together in your heart and how the Lord intends to release you from it/them.