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Proverbs 4:23   Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

Proverbs 27:19   As in water face reflects face, So a man's heart reveals the man.

Flaming Heart

Womens Retreat
August 5-7, 2005

The talks and material from the women's retreat are posted for those who missed the experience, and maybe even for anyone who went who wants a refreshing reminder of what the Lord was doing there.

Theme: Putting on the Heart of Jesus

In any situation it is important that there be someone who can move past their initial reactions, fears, discomfort and find out what the Lord's heart and perspective is on the matter. Once we discover that, we are in a position to agree with Him, let it influence our own heart, and so bring His attitude into the situation.

We could call this growing up in Jesus, or learning to be a blessing, or how to find peace in life, or discovering the power of being a child of God. Each time we exchange our attitude for His, it is life changing -- for us and potentially for others around us.

Women are often in the position of going first. They have great influence on the relational environment around them. They therefore have opportunity after opportunity to put on the heart of Jesus, growing in grace and liberty and empowering as they do.

Audio Messages

Click on "Listen" to hear Suzan's messages:

    • Listen Friday: “The Power and Significance of Putting on the Heart of Jesus” (29 minutes)
    • Listen Saturday: “Strong Word from the Lord about ‘Branch’ Living (John 15:5)” (47 minutes)
    • Listen Sunday: “Communion Service: Psalms of Encouragement for the Trip Home” (13 minutes)
    • Listen Sunday: Closing Words and Prayer from Psalm 43:3-4 (5 minutes)

A Word from the Lord

The place of women in the reviving work of God

Stand in the gap, daughters, believe Me, pray every member of your family, everyone you influence into the place I have for them -- aware of My presence, touched mightily by Me, that they take up their calling, know the gifts I have given them and allow the fruit of My Spirit to be formed in them, that they may know the joy of my kingdom. *

You are glue in the midst of the activity of God, partners in prayer, those who oversee the hearts of your family, whose alarm over what you see leads you to My throne in prayer. You are those who want the light of the Lord shining in hearts around you, and who see your own need for My river of living water. Your primary task is to be a manifestation of My living water.

Do not be diverted by the flurries that surround My work, that seek to interrupt or derail it. You are My dear daughters. I call you to My side, and we have a great work to do together.

Come often, make way for your time with Me, draw freely on My grace for your personal challenges, and for everything you need to pour out to your family and friends. That is how reviving proceeds -- I touch your heart, and My presence with you draws those around you. Know who you are in Me; push through the obstacles until the river flows freely and continuously through you. It is your chief testimony to the presence and grace of God. Lay aside all lecturing and efforts of the flesh. Only let your relationship with Me be growing daily and visible to those you bless and nurture and raise up. Put on My heart for the living water you need. Put on My heart for every challenge, over every point of confusion, make sharing My heart the quality of the influence you exercise, and the power you exert.

* Note: That is the prayer, and our heart toward the purposes of God. Will everyone come? Perhaps not, as that was the experience Jesus had, too. We are not to call it a failure if they do not, but we are to pray!

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